Razorama’s Guide To Dirt Bikes For Kids

It feels really good seeing your kids do the things you weren’t opportune to do, at this modern age, kids tend to expand their play level by including driving of movable bikes, you begin to think of getting them dirt bikes.

Mini four wheelers, Kids’ electric scooters, small ATVs or scaled-down dirt bikes are extremely cool for kids of all ages and sex these days.

In this article, we’ll discuss the latter, because choosing the right dirt bike that’s best suits your kid is the big deal here. But don’t fret, that is the main reason we are here, we will tell you everything you need to know about getting the perfect dirt bike for kids.

Ultimate Guide to Kids Dirt Bikes


kids’ dirt bikes are smaller types of adult dirt bikes. Known sites like Kids Ride Wild already provide pretty good introduction to those little bikes, but let us re-iterate key things:

Mini dirt bikes for kids are made to be very easy to ride, they are lighter and seen as beginners bike for your younger kids. There are other differences between them which we’ll discuss in this article but still, dirt bikes – especially electric dirt bikes – are perfect ride on vehicles for kids to explore nature. They allow going into the wild, with enough gas or battery power to make a trip intensive while putting all worries about the vehicle aside.

Now, let’s discuss the different criteria for choosing the perfect dirt bike for kids.

SIZE: dirt bikes for kids are easier to control because it is small and lighter, unlike the adult’s dirt bikes. Though there are bigger types of dirt bikes for bigger kids.

Smaller Sized Engines: the dirt bikes for kids uses a smaller engine while the adult dirt bikes use a bigger engine. Lately, the available option was to get a dirt bike powered by gas, with 50cc engines (a typical engine for a beginner rider), all the way up to a 125cc four-stroke engine.

Since the electric dirt bikes for kids, like the ones from Razor, for example, come with a more simple, affordable, quiet, instant torque and easy to maintain feature, The demand for electric dirt bikes for kids is high compared to the gas dirt bike.

You’ve probably heard about the latest electric scooters craze. Companies like Razor benefit from this hugely but the rise of the electric scooters – and here we also include electric scooters made specifically for kids –  helped popularize electric engines and electric vehicles in general.

This is why, dirt bike fans are also slowly – but still – turning to electric engines. Tesla is doing fantastic job as well by educating customers that the electric engine revolution is here.

They Are Not Made For Streets: The youth dirt bike was not designed in line with ‘The federal minimum requirements for state motorcycle users, this bike is only allowed to ride on the individual property or race track because it does not have the legal permission to ride on a road.

SUSPENSION OPTIONS ARE LIMITED: Some dirt bikes for younger kids come with no suspension option at all and a very affordable price, the dirt bikes for kids comes with limited suspension options, while the youth dirt bike comes with dual suspension options which enable smooth ride, though it comes with a high price.

Kids dirt bike is easier to maintain because the only known issue that is liable to occur is the battery because of their electric nature it has no need for oil and gas, unlike the adult dirt bike. The dirt kid bikes are easy to assemble unlike the adult’s dirt bike, it also has a lasting battery power.


Youth dirt bike is an exciting way of breaking you kids addiction to electronics and indoor activity. The known results in dirt bike riding in kids are the motorized vehicle skill building where they become used to using a clutch, throttle control, emergency brake, and speed in general. Other advantages include getting to know the importance of wearing a safety gear when driving.

Dirt Bikes For Kids
Dirt bike riding places you on a motorized device, a significant amount of body strength is still required to turn, lift and operate your bike. You use your quadriceps, hamstrings and other leg muscles while riding over uneven terrain, and arm strength is required to lift your handlebars when going off jumps and pushing your bars back down on your landing. more so, dirt bike riding also helps kids to stay healthy and physical fitness in your body and mind. through the process of keeping the dirt bike in balance all through the driving process on a bumpy road, it burns body calories through the use of the arm and the muscles around the legs.

The greatness of the sport is increased tenfold when you are able to get the entire family involved. There aren’t many sports which can simultaneously improve a parent’s ability to be a good parent, for a child to learn countless life lessons, and for a family to strengthen their relationship with one another. Getting dad, mom, and the kids out on the bikes together for valuable riding while exploring the nature is amazing and a sure way for families to connect and relate better.


It is very confusing trying to pick out just that particular dirt bike that fits your child perfectly well from different available types ranging from sizes to weight and colors, safety demands you make the right choice especially if it happens to be his very first time riding a dirt bike.

Every parent know the capability of their child, some kids are eager to climb on the dirt bike when they are just two years old, follow this procedure below, PRICE, it is cheaper to get a kid dirt bike ranging from age 4 -2 to the general kids dirt bike, but it is more advisable to get the general kids dirt bike because after a couple of years your child can still use it, unlike the kid dirt bike he will definitely outgrow;

Getting the perfect dirt bike to explore nature and that suits your child’s body structure matters a lot in a situation where he’ll have to control the bike while driving, for example, Kuberg Trial E 21-inch Dirt Bike, which is a higher end bike that only weighs less than 65 pounds, is known to be suitable for kids ranging from 10years. Dirt bikes for younger kids can weigh as low as 20 pounds, while dirt bikes for kids ages ranging from 7 – 14 vary in weight from 60 -120 pounds.

Buying Dirt Bikes For Kids – Best five options

1.Razor MX350 Electric

The Razor MX350 Electric dirt bike for kids was designed in 2005, till now it is still high in the order, This mini electric dirt bike is worth every penny spent because it serves as a starter up for kids. MX350 comes with a dimension of 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches, weighs 70pounds, big sized knobby tires, strong steel frame and a 24v gearless electric engine operated on the battery. This bike has a speed limit of 14miles per hour on a leveled ground.

The Razor MX350 Dirtbike was specially designed for kids ranging from age 14 and above, but since it has a very low seating position (which is about 20m from ground), younger kids from age 5-8 years can also fit in. This electric kid bike with a lasting battery of more than 2hours ride well on roads covered with grasses.

2.Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX500 dirt bike with high positive remarks from buyers comes with a high quality and it’s price is not on a high side, it comes with a dimension of 46.5 x 13.8 x 26 inches, big pneumatic front and rear tires of 16 and 14 respectively, this dirt bike with an electric motor of 5oow and a maximum speed limit of 17miles per hour can carry any child .

This dirt bike is well known to be safe and to also last the test of time with its unique quiet nature (doesn’t generate noise pollution around the environment). This dirt bike suitable for ages ranging from 14 and above is also suitable for kids from age 8-12. and most excitingly this bike is very easy to assemble, kids can easily put them together and put them out, all you need to do is ensure all bolts are well tightened.

3.Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX500 is a big and stronger and quiet dirt bike with 56 inch x 24.5 inch x 36 inches dimensions compared to the MX350 Electric dirt bike for smaller kids, it comes with a red fire engine that speeds up to 17miles per hour and has an Adjustable riser handlebars and its suitable for age ranging from 16years, though young kids from age 8 can also fit in due to the extra safety attribute it comes with, which is a great feature of RAZOR MODELS.

The exciting part about this Razor MX650 is the suspension it comes with, The Front suspension has an inverted motocross suspension fork, while the rear suspension is completely adjustable. The MX500 dirt bike for kids is powered by electric compared to an adult gas bike.

4.Jetson Electric Bikes Junior E-Bike, Camouflage

The Electric Junior E-Bike is a kid dirt bike with dimensions of 20 x 11 x 37 inches, a weight of 54pounds and with speed variations of 6-12miles per hour, it has an adjustable hand bar and a charge battery indicator and age ranging from 7-14 years of age.

5.Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The MX400 Rocket Dirtbike is a sporty bike with a speed of 14miles per hour and dimensions of 5 x 24.5 x 10.5 inches. The MX400 kid dirt bike has a weight of 62.5pounds and its suitable for kids ranging from 12 and above

Seated Razor e300S Electric Scooter

Seated Razor e300S Electric Scooter

The Matte Gray Seated Razor e300S Electric Scooter, as reviewed on kidsridewild.com, is both functional and fun. Built with “green” & “clean” commuting in mind, the Razor E300S electric scooter features a comfortable, detachable seat for easy cruising. With its extra-wide deck, larger frame and 10″ tires geared for older teen and adult riders, the E300S electric scooter is Razor’s speediest electric scooter – traveling up to 15 miles per hour. The environmentally-friendly electric power engages a super quiet chain driven motor – appreciated by neighbors everywhere.

Razor e300 S Scooter Features:
* Super-sized deck and frame for riders of all sizes
* Seat post and seat easily removed for stand up riding
* High performance chain-driven motor with speeds up to 15 mph
* Extra wide 10″ pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
* Adjusting handlebars
* Twist-grip acceleration control
* Padded seat
* Retractable kickstand
* Rechargeable battery
* Handlebar folding mechanism
* Up to 45 minutes of continuous use
* Razor Unit weight: Approx. 58 lbs
* Razor Battery Charger included
* Charge time: 8 hours
* Razor Battery: two 12V sealed lead acid batteries
* Ages: 13+
* Max rider weight: 220lbs

Razor e300S Scooter Dimensions:
Length – 40″
Height – 35-42″ handlebars are adjustable
Width – 8″ size of deck

Razor Mini Chopper / C300 Parts

Razor Mini Chopper / C300 Parts

Welcome to the Replacement Parts section for the Razor Mini Chopper.

Welcome to the Razor Chopper replacement parts section. Razorama.com features a huge section of parts to keep your Razor mini chopper running such as batteries, chargers, tires and tubes, wheel assemblies, control modules, switches, and more.

Razor e200 Electric Scooter

Razor e200 Electric Scooter

The excitement of acceleration combined with the latest technology and high-quality materials by Razor defines the new Teal Razor E200 Electric Scooter. The Razor E200 Electric Scooter, with a full size deck and frame, zips along at speeds up to 12 miles per hour and is designed for ages 12 and up with a max weight of 154 pounds. The e200 scooter gets 45 minutes of continuous use and has large 8 inch pneumatic tires. The environmentally-friendly electric power engages a super quiet chain driven motor – applauded by neighbors everywhere.

Razor e200 Electric Scooter Features:
* Twist-grip throttle for smoother acceleration
* High torque Chain-driven motor for greater durability
* Handlebars adjust to fit most riders
* Handlebar folding mechanism
* Up to 45 minutes of continuous use
* Hand operated rear brake
* Spring loaded kickstand
* Battery charger included
* Battery: two 12V sealed lead acid batteries

* Ages: 12+
* Max rider weight: 154lbs
* Charge time: 8 hours

Please make sure you have the proper safety gear when riding any electric scooter. Check the Razor Accessoriessection for available protective gear such as Helmets, Razor Knee and Elbow Pads, or Knee, Elbow, & Wrist Guard Set.