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Razor Motorcycles

Check out Razor’s line of electric motorcycles – otherwise known as the Razor Electric “Dirt Rockets”. These dirt bikes are off-road ready and super-cross inspired. They handle the dirt and mud, and can travel up to 17mph! Take your pick from the following Razor electric dirt bikes – MX350, MX500, & MX650.

There are three styles of electric dirt bikes from Razor, each with varying watts of power – ranging from 350 watts to 650 watts. The MX350 Dirt Rocket has 350 watts of power with speeds up to 14mph.

The MX500 has 500 watts of power with a top speed of 15mph. And finally the MX650 has the most power at 650 watts and can get up to 17mph.

All three Razor motorcycles are great fun and are ideal for riders as young as 12 years and older (the MX350) and for riders 16 and above (MX650).

Regardless of the model however, if you have need to kick up some dirt, each dirt rocket will do the trick.

Click on one of the links below to check out the details of each one to see which Razor motorcycle is right for you and/or your loved one.


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