Razor e100 Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Razor e100 Charger (Output 600mA) for e100, e125, e150, e175 Electric Scooters

The Official Razor e100 Electric Scooter Battery Charger is a replacement 24 volt / .6 Amp (output 600mA) razor electric scooter charger with a female connector end for a 3-prong charging port/socket. This razor electric scooter charger is for every version of the following scooters:

    • Razor e100 Electric Scooter
    • Razor e125 Electric Scooter
    • Razor e150 Electric Scooter
    • Razor e175 Electric Scooter
    • Razor eSpark
    • Does not work with any other Razor electric scooters.

Razor e100 Battery Charger Specs:

    • Model: QL-08014-B2400750H
    • AC INPUT: AC100-120V 50/60Hz 1.0A
    • OUTPUT: 24V 600mA
    The razor e100 charger is compatible with all Razor e100, e125, e150, e175, and eSpark electric scooters regardless of the charger model number on the original charger. For example, the e100 charger with an output of 600mA for sale here is a compatible replacement to model QL-09005-B2401000H, Input 1.5 Amp, Output 1000mA, which is also known as the Razor 1.0 Amp Charger; or model QL-09009-B2400600H, Input 100V ~ 120V 50/60Hz, 1.2 Amp, Output 600mA.

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