Razor 24V Battery Charger – Output 1500mA (or “1.5 Amp Charger”)

Razor 24V Battery Charger – Output 1500mA (or “1.5 Amp Charger”)

The official Razor replacement 24 volt 1500mA Qili Battery Charger for the following Razor products:

* Razor e200, e200S & e225 Electric Scooters (versions 1+)
* Razor e300, e300S, & e325 Electric Scooters (versions 1+)
* Razor e500S Electric Scooter (versions 1+)
* Razor Pocket Mod – Bistro, Bella, Betty, etc (versions 1+)
* Razor Imod Scooter (versions 1+)
* Razor Sport Mod (versions 1+)
* Razor Pocket Rocket (PR200)(versions 1+)
* Razor Mini Chopper (versions 1+)
* Razor Rebellion Chopper (versions 1+)
* Razor Ground Force Go Kart (versions 1+)
* Razor Ground Force Drifter (versions 1+)
* Razor MX350 (versions 1+)
* Razor MX400 (versions 1+)
* Razor Dirt Quad (versions 1+)
* Razor Dune Buggy (versions 1+)

Battery Charger Specs:
Model: QL-09009-B2401500H
Input: AC 100-120V 50/60Hz 1.2A
Output: 24V 1500mA

Compatible as a replacement for charger models:
* QL-08011-B2401670F
* QL-09005-B2401500H with Input: AC 100-120V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
* QL-09005-B2401800H with Input: AC 100-120V 50/60Hz 1.5A and Output: 24V 1800mA (also known as the “Razor 1.8 amp Charger” that originally came with the MX350 V1-8, e500S, and iMod.

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