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Find the complete and latest line of Razor’s e100 Electric Scooter models, including the ever popular Razor Red e100 Scooter, the exclusive Razor e100 Sweet Pea Edition, and the classic pink Razor e100 Scooter.

The Razor e100 electric scooter was the first model of the e-series electric scooters to be introduced in Razor’s ever popular and growing line of battery operated, motorized scooters. Fashioned after their wildly successful Razor kick scooters, the Razor e100 requires and initial manual kick start before the throttle will engage the motor – this provides an additional level of safety for younger riders advancing into the electric scooter riding experience. The scooter won’t accelerate unless the rider intentionally propels the e100 forward.

The e100, as compared to the e200 or e300 has a smaller frame and a kid sized deck making it appropriate for kids ages 8 and up, not to exceed 120 pounds. The other, larger Razor electric scooters generally are suited to kids 13 and up. So if you have an 8-13 year old who longs for the thrill of a motorized scooter ride, the Razor e100 delivers! The quiet running, electric powered scooter tops out at 10 miles-per-hour, delighting kids and neighbors alike.

Features of the Razor e100 include twist grip acceleration control (throttle), a hand operated front brake, a urethane rear wheel and 8” front pneumatic tire, a kick start, high-torque, chain-driven motor, and retractable kickstand. Available e100 colors are red, pink, Sweet Pea Pink, and Silver (which is the Razor eSpark – an e100 scooter with a spark bar). The e100 series scooters get up to speeds of 10 mph and up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

For those interested in specifications, the Razor e100 scooter weighs 29 pounds and assembled dimensions are 32.5″ x 16″ x 36″. A battery charger and an owner’s manual are included with each scooter. The owner’s manual is full of important information, from how to set up your e100 scooter to troubleshooting tricks and Razor warranty information.

The benefit of buying your e100 from Razorama, is that once you are our customer, you can receive discounts and updates from us on parts and accessories should you ever need to purchase things like a battery, a charger, inner tubes, grips, etc., to keep your e100 scooter in top running shape.

We at Razorama highly recommend this product as a Holiday or Birthday Gift for kids 8-13 years old.

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