Razor Scooter Troubleshooting & Installation Guides

Helpful Troubleshooting & Installation Guides and Razor Scooter & Bike Part Replacement Procedures

This section contains Razor’s helpful Razor Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guides, helpful tips for replacing and installing our authentic Razor Replacement Parts, and Razor Product Service Bulletins. Please click a link below for Replacement Procedures / Instructions if you need information about removing and replacing a part on your Razor Scooter or other Razor Product. Please be patient while the PDF file you choose downloads.

Razor Electric Scooter & Bike Troubleshooting Guides:
* Razor e100/e125/e150 Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor e200/e200S/e225 Scooter Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor e300/e300S/e325 Scooter Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Ground Force Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Pocket Rocket Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Mini Chopper Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Rebellion Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Sports Mod Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor e500S Scooter Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Pocket Mod Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor MX350/MX500/MX650 Dirt Rocket Troubleshooting Guide (Word document)
* Razor MX350/MX500/MX650 Dirt Rocket Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Dirt Quad Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Razor Dune Buggy Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
* Trouble-Shooting Guide for Razor Electric Products (Word document)

Razor Electric Scooter & Bike Wheel Replacement Procedures:
* Razor e100 Belt Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e100/e125/e150/e175 Front Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e100/e125/e150/e175 Chain Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e200 Front & Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e300 Front & Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Pocket Mod Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor MX350 Chain & Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (Word document)
* Razor MX350 Chain & Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor MX500 Front Wheel Service Bulletin (PDF)
* Razor MX500 & MX650 Chain and Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (Word document)
* Razor Scream Machine Rear Wheel Installation (PDF)
* Razor e300(V20+) / Pocket Rocket(V7+) Rear Tire & Tube Replacement Instructions (PDF)

Razor Electric Scooter & Bike Throttle Replacement Procedures:
* E100, e200, e300 Series Electric Scooter Throttle Replacement Procedure(PDF)
* E100 Thumb Throttle Replacement Procedure(Word Document)
* E200/ e300/ Ground Force Thumb Trigger Throttle Replacement Procedure(Word Document)
* Razor Ground Force Throttle Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Pocket Rocket Throttle Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Dune Buggy Throttle Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor MX350 & Pocket Mod Throttle Replacement Procedure (Word Document)
* Razor MX500 & MX650 Throttle Replacement Procedure (PDF)

Razor Scooter & Bike Control Module Replacement/Installation Procedures:
* E100/e125/e150/e175 Control Module Installation Procedure (PDF)
* E200 & e300 Control Module Installation Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Chopper Control Module Installation Guide (PDF)
* Ground Force Control Module Installation Guide (PDF)
* Pocket Rocket Control Module Installation Guide (PDF)
* Dune Buggy Control Module Installation Procedure (PDF)
* MX350 Control Module Installation Procedure (PDF)
* MX500 & MX650 Control Module Installation Procedure (PDF)

Razor Electric Scooter and Bike Battery Installation Procedures:
* Razor e100 Battery Replacement Procedure (3 Scenarios) (PDF)
* Razor e200 & e300 Battery Replacement Procedure (3 Scenarios) (PDF)
* Razor E200 V1-7 & E300 V1-4 Battery Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor E200(V.13+) & E300(V.11 & V.13+) Battery Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* e200/e300 Single Connector Top Terminal Battery Installation (PDF)
* Razor Pocket Rocket Battery Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Ground Force Battery Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Mx350 Battery Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Dirt Quad Battery Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Dune Buggy Battery Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Battery Care Information (PDF)

Razor Electric Scooter and Bike Chain Replacement Procedures:
* Razor e100/e125/e150/e175 Chain Adjustment (PDF)
* Razor e100/e125/e150/e175 Chain Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e200 Chain Adjustment Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e200 Chain Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e300 Chain Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Ground Force Go Cart & Ground Force Drifter Chain Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor MX350 Chain & Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (Word document)
* Razor MX350 Chain & Rear Wheel Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor MX500 & MX650 Chain Replacement Procedure (Word document)
* Razor MX500 & MX650 Chain Replacement Procedure (PDF)

Razor Electric Scooter Belt Replacement Procedures:
* Ground Force Belt Replacement Procedure (Word Document)
* e100 & e200 Belt Adjustment Procedure (Word Document)

Miscellaneous Replacement Procedures / Razor Service Bulletins for Razor Scooter and Electric Razor Bikes:
* Razor e100 Quick Start Guide (PDF)
* Razor MX500 & MX650 Spoke Service Bulletin (PDF)
* Razor Fuse Replacement Procedure (PDF)
* Razor e300(V20+) / Pocket Rocket(V7+) Rear Tire & Tube Replacement Instructions (PDF)

Non-Electric Installation & Replacement Procedures / Razor Service Bulletins: 
* Razor ProModel Handlebar Installation Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Riprider 360 Caster Installation Procedure (PDF)
* Razor Ripstick Caster Removal Procedure (PDF)

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