Razor Pro Scooters – Everything You Need to Know

Razor Pro Scooters

At Razorama, we carry all of Razor’s pro scooters including the base models like the Original Razor Pro Scooter (Razor A4), the new Razor Beast ScooterPro XPro XX, and Pro XXX all the way up to Razor’s performance driven, trick oriented scooters like the sleek Black Label Pro 3.0 and 4.0, the fully equipped Razor Phase 2 Signature Series Jason Beggs and John Radtke Scooters, the latest Razor Dirt Scooters in Black or Red, and the colorful and park inspired El Dorado Scooters.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right Razor scooter, so we created the Razorama Pro Scooters Buyers Guide which is a comparison guide to help you compare components and prices, and we offer our bottom line summary of each scooter to help you decide which one is best for you. Up to four models can be compared at a time. Chances are you won’t find a better Razor pro scooter comparison tool anywhere. Click the “Buyers Guide” below and start comparing now.

Designed and built by the original and current leaders in the freestyle and stunt scooter sport, Razor USA and Team Razor continue to add more pro level scooters to their impressive line-up, like NEW Red Razor Dirt Scooter and the NEW Beast Pro. They’ve got every rider covered from the entry level park and street rider to the advanced pro level stunt and freestyle trick rider. At Razorama.com, you can also find authentic Razor pro scooter parts, if ever you need to replace your wheels, grips, pro bars, clamps and more.

Razor’s original pro model scooter, that was introduced to the market years ago and is still popular, is the Original Pro Model Scooter in black or red, which is a folding scooter. The original Razor Pro Model is ideal for those who seek a basic pro scooter that can handle some free style riding but need a scooter that’s foldable and super portable. For parents on the go who prefer the space saving feature of a foldable scooter, the A4 is a great choice.

Following the demands of the growing pro freestyle and stunt scooter sport, Razor introduced the second tier of pro scooters – a category that consists of the following models: Black Label 3.0 and Black Label 4.0 Pro Scooters, the Razor Pro X Scooter, the Razor Pro XX Scooter, and the Razor Pro XXX Scooter . These pro scooters all come with, among other things, threaded forks, fixed bars with wider bar dimensions than standard kick scooters, a minimum of a double clamp (and some models come with triple or quad clamps!), full deck tape, adequate deck length and width for larger more experienced riders, and premium scooter wheels and bearings.

If you’re looking for Razor’s top tier scooters, the available models are the El Dorado in various colors and the Razor Phase Two Scooters like the Phase Two Signature Series and the Phase II Dirt Scooters (RDS). The El Dorado and The Phase 2 line up come with the most advanced components available like overized HIC bars, threadless forks, integrated headsets and decks, 110mm high performance wheels, and wider decks than X and Black Label Series. If you need assistance comparing scooters, please view our Razorama Pro Scooters Buyers Guide.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of pro scooter riding ability, Razorama.com is here to provide you with the perfect pro scooter model by Razor to meet your riding needs.

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