Razor Scooter Wheels

Razor Scooter Wheels

Razorama carries a variety of replacement Razor Scooter Wheels in all available sizes like the standard 98mm wheels for A series and A2 kick scooters, the 125mm A3 wheels, the 140mm Cruiser wheels, the 200mm A5 wheels, and the Razor Ultra Pro 100mm wheels for Razor pro scooters. Razor scooter wheels are made of polyurethane.

The 100mm pro scooter wheels come with alloy spoked cores. All Razor wheels come with bearings installed. Be sure to check the size of your original wheels to make sure you replacement you purchase is the correct size for your Razor scooter.

Razorama.com carried the following authentic and official replacement 98mm Razor Kick Scooter WheelsBlue Razor Scooter WheelsRed Razor Scooter WheelsGreen Razor Scooter WheelsPink Razor Scooter WheelsOrange Razor Scooter WheelsPurple Razor Scooter WheelsClear Razor Scooter Wheels. We also carry the Ultra Pro 100mm Alloy Spoked Core WheelsA3 125mm wheelsCrusier 140mm Scooter Wheels, and A5 200mm Scooter Wheels.

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